Save the planet!

The asteroid will approach in UC 10000.
You have to make the Laser Barrier.
Manage resources and evolve the planet!

How to play.

Click the rotate button and the resources buttons.

  • Rotate Button: Rotate the sphere. Rotation will improve stability.
  • Water Button: Supply the water. The water is necessary to add other elements. The water reduces stability.
  • Metal Button: Supply the metal. The metal increases the scale of the sphere. The metal reduces the water.
  • Life Button: Supply the life. The life increases the Species diversity. The life reduces the water.
  • Civilization Button: Supply the civilization. The civilization advances the inventions. The civilization reduces the water, metal and life.

(c) 2017 Umineko Studio


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Wow. You guys made me click 2604 times. great job!

Thank you for playing and comment :) Wow, 2604 times :)