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PaPaPaddles! is a classical table tennis game for the single player.


  • The set is when the player or the enemy first score 11 points.
  • If you will score 10 points, the boss will come.
  • If you score 10 points, next time you will play from the Boss Fight.


  • The 6 characters have the different abilities and the special skills.
  • The 5 Stages have the different environments and the bosses.
  • The each stages have the different BGM and the boss BGM.


For the game stages

  • Up : ↑ key or W key.
  • Down : ↓ key or S key.
  • Pause : Space key.
  • Reset within the Pause menu : Left Click the Reset Icon by the mouse.
  • Exit within the Pause menu : Left Click the Exit Icon by the mouse.
  • Skip : Enter key.

For the selection scenes

  • Left : ← key or A key.
  • Right : → key or D key.
  • Play and Ok : Enter key.
  • Exit : Esc key.


If the ball hits the white blocks, some events will occur. If the point is added, the effect of event will be disappeared.

  • Size Up : The paddle will be lengthened.
  • Size Down : The paddle will be shortened.
  • Speed Up : The paddle will be quickened.
  • Speed Down : The paddle will be slowed down.
  • Fire Ball : The paddle will be flicked.
  • Fast Ball : The ball will be quickened.
  • Little Bird : Some birds will appear.
  • Lucky Point : There is a 50% chance that 1 point will be added.

Special skills

If the ball hits the paddle, some points of the special skill will be added. If the meter of the special skill goes off the scale, it will be fired automatically. Because some special skills will weakened the paddle that fired the skill, the paddle will be flicked by the ball.



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PaPaPaddles_64bit_094.zip 37 MB
PaPaPaddles_32bit_094.zip 36 MB
PaPaPaddles! Original Soundtrack.zip 10 MB


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fun game

Thanks for playing and reviewing!

That was a fun game. I only played a little bit but I plan on playing some more later. Well done!

Sorry for my late replay. Thank you for playing!

Hey that's a lovely one :) I wonder - how to contact you by email about this game?

Thank you for visiting! I would like some feedback.