I made this game for the unityroom 1week JAM.
Unityroom is japanese unity3D users community.
Now I localized it to English version.

How to play

Mouse only.
Switching 5 cameras, you have to click the monsters and boxes.
Complete the items, fuels and foods in five minutes.

GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art, Sci-fi


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This is really cool. I had fun playing this game. Great job, especially, considering the time pressure of a game jam. 

It took me three tries to finally espace the planet, but I didn't understand there were 5 planets at first. 

Thank you for playing and comment!
Ah sorry,  I didn't make it clear enough. It's one planet. And 5 environments. 
My English is very poor. I couldn't tell the story for English version.